Welcome to our new campaign!

This is our campaign homepage. The first thing you should do is copy your character to the Character list. Click on the Character Tab, then click the new character button. I think everyone should know what to do. you can email me or start a thread in the forums if you need help. if you are already lost then posting a new thread in the forum will give you the same issues so email me.

The name of the Campaign is Azure Skies and takes place near Fort El Dorado AK. Really we will be in New Hope City about 60 miles north west of El Dorado. Hope City is a real city today and most of the starting adventures are based on real life events, legions and possible changes in reality. I have done a lot of research to make this as possible as possible. We are starting play in 105 PA, and a lot is Happening in the world. So Read the introduction to the game page and enjoy.

You are welcome to send me information on your characters future plans or what you would like to see happen to your character.


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