Bernard Blim

Merchant thief, Human


A wealthy merchant named Bernard Blim hire Tom and Ed to deliver
five 50 Ib. parcels to the town of Arian. The people who were to
pick up the parcels have apparently fallen upon some misfortune for
they have not yet come for them. Blim’s problem is that the parcels
must be delivered to Tabor Samila at the town of Arian.
He will pay each character 50 credits up front, in advance, with another
50 gold each upon their return. He will also provide one pack
mule (28 hit points) and passage across the river if starting at Fort
Brandt. However, if they can deliver the packages within four days he
will give them a bonus of 2000 credits. Of course a signed statement
from Tabor Samila stating the date of delivery is required (players are
wise to dismiss any thought of forgery).


Blim will refuse to reveal or discuss the contents of the parcels.
“You need not know the contents to deliver them. They are simply
goods to be delivered to Tabor Samila at the Arian Town Council
Building.” However, he will gladly show the group the five parcels
which look typical and unassuming. Each is identical. One will register
magic if any of the characters can sense or detect such things. Blim will
refuse to comment. He will be pleasant and friendly, offering the characters
good wine and discussion about themselves. The latter is not simple
pleasantries but Blim’s way of feeling out what type of
people/alignments these characters are. He will also use subtle psionics
to carefully extract the information he needs. During the conversation
he will try to learn the “true names” of as many characters as possible.
He will use telepathy, if he must, to extract the true names of the most
honorable/good characters and most evil or selfish characters.
After the pleasantries, he will dismiss the group, asking them to return
within two hours; for he has some final arrangements to make before
they can leave. Upon the groups’ return, he will reveal that he is a
master of mystic symbols (Diabolist) and to insure the packages safety,
he has covered them with wards. Indeed, all five parcels are covered
with wards and secured on the pack mule’s back. He will also point out
that the true names of two of the characters are inscribed upon the packages
and that should any of the parcels be damaged or tampered with,
the two people will die. This is to “insure a reasonable sense of responsibility.”
If the group should protest he will ignore them saying that they
have already accepted the assignment and are quite literally bound to
them (or at least two of them are). Tabor Samila is said to be the only
person who can open them without activating the wards of protection.
Bernard Blim will apologize for the subterfuge and wish the party
well. As a final gesture he will suggest the safest route, warn them of
any known bandit activity and provide them with two powerful scrolls.
One is a tenth level Fly As An Eagle spell and the other is an eighth
level Call Lightning. Both are written in a language familiar to more
than one party member. Blim will warn the group that the scrolls are extremely
potent and should only be used if absolutely necessary. He
would prefer it if the scrolls were returned. His final words will be:
“Now I would hurry along if I were you. After all, you are only about
one day ahead of him.” He disappears via psionic invisibility.

Bernard Blim