Dragon Juicer

a.k.a. the Blood Drinker


In 78 P.A., a band of adventurers slew an adult dragon who
had been plaguing the outskirts of Kingsdale. Among them was
a techno-wizard and amateur alchemist called Regius. The sorcerer
had heard stories about the magical powers of dragon’s
blood and extracted several gallons of the precious liquid for his
experiments. The techno-wizard conducted several tests on the
blood, going so far as ingesting some of the liquid himself; the
experience nearly killed him. It seems that dragon’s blood can
cause a lethal allergic reaction on some humans when imbibed
or injected. Several years of research later, Regius presented his
discoveries to a group of magicians and technocrats at
Kingsdale. His experiments showed that when properly laced
with some of the chemicals used on Juicers, dragon blood could
grant humans supernatural powers.
The amazing powers of the Dragon Juicers had a high price,
however. First of all, the “mundane” chemicals produced many
of the same side effects that affect standard Juicers, including a
low life expectancy. More importantly, the transformed people
became terminally addicted to the blood of dragons. While the
blood dosage necessary to maintain the powers is relatively
small, going without it for even as little as a week can be deadly!
And there was always the simple fact that most dragons will not
part with their blood willingly.
Despite the serious shortcomings, Regius and several others
in conjunction with one of the body-chop-shops, decided to create
several Dragon Juicers. One of the sorcerers involved was a
dragon herself, and she volunteered to donate some blood for the
creation process. Highly individualistic and driven, she saw no
moral dilemma in the creation of beings who might eventually
need to hunt down and kill others of her kind. The first full
Dragon Juicers, all volunteers, were created in 89 P.A. In 100
P.A., the Federation of Magic offered Regius and his associates
a fortune for the exclusive rights to his secrets. They accepted,
on the condition that their Kingsdale shop could also continue to
make Dragon Juicers. By 101 P.A., members of the Federation
of Magic were creating Dragon Juicers beyond the borders of
Kingsdale. There are rumors of an ancient dragon who has created
a small army of bodyguards he “feeds” with his own blood!
And one can only wonder what the Federation of Magic plans on
doing with this knowledge.


Dragon Juicer