Mega-Juicer O.C.C.


“If you wanna be tough, become a Juicer. If you wanna be a
GOD, become a Mega-Juicer.”
—Sign outside an Ishpeming Body-Chop-Shop
This is the most advanced Juicer ever created, the so-called
Mega-Juicer or “Super-Juicer.” The only places where this expensive
conversion is available are Ishpeming (a.k.a. Northern
Gun) and recently, in Kingsdale. A research team unearthed
some secret pre-Rifts “super-soldier” projects that combined elements
from M.O.M. conversion and the Juicer process. The idea
was to use volunteers with high levels of psychic energy (P.P.E.
or I.S.P.) and then trigger that energy through drugs and electrical
implants. The energy would then be channeled through the
body of the patient, turning him/her into a being of incredible
strength and endurance. Normal Juicer chemical enhancements
were added to produce a nearly invincible warrior.
In the P.P.E. rich world of Rifts Earth, the Mega-Juicer process
creates a minor supernatural creature. The triggering mechanism
completely infuses the subject’s body with psychic
energies, giving his skin and muscle tissue the tensile strength of
M.D.C. alloys while retaining the elasticity of normal human
skin. In trial runs, .45 bullets were fired point-blank at Mega-
Juicers without even bruising them. Even mega-damage weapons
like laser pistols were used in the test, giving the Juicers
painful but not lethal burns that healed in a matter of minutes.
Only enough firepower to destroy a suit of mega-damage power
armor was deemed enough to kill one of these enhanced humans.
Although the project had been an unqualified success, the
Mega-Juicer could not replace more ordinary methods of human
augmentation. For one, only latent psychics (estimated at representing
less than 15% of all volunteers) would benefit from the
drug treatments. Furthermore, the process is extremely expensive,
two to three times as much as it takes to develop an ordinary
Juicer. It also takes twice as long to recover from the
operations, which involve regular Juicer surgery, followed by
the implantation of electronic stimulators that enhance and channel
psychic energy in a continual bio-feedback loop.
The other problem with Mega-Juicers was only discovered
some five years after the first test subjects were first released.
The bio-feedback energies released by the body will eventually
produce an overload. At that point, the Juicer literally starts to
“burn out,” producing mega-damage levels of heat and light energies
around him! Mega-Juicers in the terminal stages are a ter-

rible danger to themselves as well as others, and are often put to
death or expelled from populated areas.


Mega-Juicer O.C.C.