Psycho-Stalker O.C.C.

Juicer Psi-Stalkers


The CS Psycho-Stalker was an accidental creation, the result
of a combination of circumstances, most notably, stupidity and
the smarts to take advantage of the unexpected. During the early
phases of the formation of the Chi-Town 1st Special Forces Battalion,
a number of volunteers were transferred from other units
to the Battalion to undergo the Juicer augmentation in one of Lyboc’s
chain of body-chop-shops. Not all the Battalion members
were going to be Juicers, however. Lyboc wanted a mixed force
of secret Juicers, ‘Borgs, and a number of Psi-Stalkers, to get the
best combination of firepower, mobility and anti-supernatural
The Coalition bureaucracy, as bureaucracies are wont to do,
screwed up in one of the transfer orders. A Psi-Stalker named
John Dow was assigned to the Battalion, but his paperwork was
mixed up with that of another soldier, a John Doe who was eligible
for Juicer augmentation. The Psi-Stalker was sent to one of
Lyboc’s body-chop-shops to receive the augmentation. This was
against regulations: not only was the augmentation of Psi-Stalkers
and mutant animals still strictly forbidden, but every such attempt
had invariably resulted in the death of the patient.
Standard operating procedure would have been to report the
mistake and not perform the operation. However, the cyber-doc
running that particular body-chop-shop was a brilliant madman
called Shane “Miracle Worker” Charleston. Shane saw the
whole situation as a challenge for his abilities, and instead of
sending John Dow back to the base, he started conducting tests
on the unfortunate volunteer. Shane had some theories as to why
the standard Juicer treatment had not worked on the creatures.
Some years earlier, he had made extensive studies on the strange
metabolism of Psi-Stalkers, who require little food and water but
live off the P.P.E. of living beings. Using this knowledge and
some specially-prepared drugs, Shane was able to create a Juicer
Psi-Stalker! The result exceeded everyone’s expectations. The
creature could channel his I.S.P. into his body to temporarily become
an M.D.C. being! To Shane’s chagrin, Joe Dow used that
very power to punch through one of the walls of the shop and escape.
The first Psycho-Stalker (as the result was called) has not
been heard of ever since — the explosives and other cyber-implants
had not been installed yet.
Despite the escape of the first Psycho-Stalker, Lyboc decided
that converting several Psi-Stalkers into Psycho-Stalkers would
be a great idea. There are currently about a hundred of these
strange psychic beings under Lyboc’s command, but the CS
leaders are leery of continuing this particular augmentation on
“D-Bees,” even with the assurance of the bomb implant. This
augmentation is top secret and carefully guarded — it will NOT
fall into the hands of others!


Psycho-Stalker O.C.C.