Tabor Samila

Diabolist at the Arian Town Council


five parcels are covered
with wards and secured on the pack mule’s back. He will also point out
that the true names of two of the characters are inscribed upon the packages
and that should any of the parcels be damaged or tampered with,
the two people will die.


Tabor Samila is said to be the only
person who can open them without activating the wards of protection.

The power of the medallion is protection from spells, circles and
ward magic (+4 to save) and creates an Armour of Ithan two times per
day (duration one hour). It was created by an alchemist who was a fanatical
worshiper of an unusual cult dedicated to Thoth. The medallion
was originally created for the high priest, but was stolen when the priest
had an unfortunate encounter with an angry sphinx. How Blim came to
possess it is unknown.

Tabor Samila