Thoth Amulet

Gold medallion with a Pyramid and an Eye of Thoth


The power of the medallion is protection from spells, circles and
ward magic (+4 to save) and creates an Armour of Ithan two times per
day (duration one hour). It was created by an alchemist who was a fanatical
worshiper of an unusual cult dedicated to Thoth. The medallion
was originally created for the high priest, but was stolen when the priest
had an unfortunate encounter with an angry sphinx. How Blim came to
possess it is unknown.


The sphinx covets the magic medallion which he truthfully claims
was stolen from him. Of course he stole it from the priest of Thoth, who
he killed. He knows that the two people whose names are inscribed on
the package are the only ones who can handle it and will demand them
to bring him the medallion (he is not aware of the wards on the medallion
itself). First, however, he will chase away all the other party members
with gruff talk and threats. This sphinx will usually use
intimidation and manipulation to get his way. He rarely kills on a whim
and will always warn/threaten the person(s) before taking action. If attacked
or defied he will first destroy the weapon with a well placed
magic fireball or lightning bolt and repeat the command or threat. If defied
or attacked a second time, he will counter with a vicious attack that
will usually render that person severely hurt or destroyed. He will then
give a final warning to anyone who may be considering similar folly.
Any attacks after that will be met with deadly force.
Although the sphinx is not evil per se, he has little regard for lesser
creatures such as humans and the other humanoid races (with the exception
of elves who he views with great suspicion). And while he is not
intentionally cruel, he is extremely selfish and arrogant and will not
hesitate to torture, maim or even kill anyone who would dare to interfere,
betray, defy or thwart him. NOTE: If the group successfully tricks
or combats him, preventing him from getting the medallion, there is a
50% chance that he will track them down and kill them or cause terrible

Thoth Amulet