Supernatural Stats

My Guide to Supernatural Stats

Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.): Indicates the intelligence of the character. The exact I.Q. is equal to the I.Q. attribute multiplied times ten. Characters with an I.Q. of 17 or better will receive a one time bonus added to all the character’s skill percentages.

Supernatural Intelligence: Character is considered to have all skills at 3.3%/IQ Point.
If character already has skills add 3.3%/IQ point to each skill as it stands.

Mental Endurance (M.E.): Measures the amount of mental and emotional stress the character can withstand.
Supernatural ME: Never bats an eye and the pulse never raises. This character has no emotional ups and downs. Everything is perfectly level. Might catch this character yawning while in a firefight.
(Immune to natural insanity and emotionally based psionic attacks.)

Mental Affinity (M.A.): Shows the character’s personal charm and charisma. Natural leaders, with an M.A. of 17 or higher, have a bonus to invoke trust or intimidation in others.
Supernatural MA: Trust: Victim rolls 1D20 vs Characters MA. If unsuccessful the Character will make the victims believe everything the character tells them, but only while in their presence. Life threatening suggestions that go against deep-seated fears, morals or ideals provide an additional saving throw against the suggested action; with a bonus of+3 to save.
Intimidate Victim rolls 1D20 vs Characters MA. If unsuccessful the Character invokes unreasoning terror in all those affected. Victims are -3 to strike, parry and dodge, plus there is a 66% chance that those affected
will turn and run.

Physical Strength (P.S.): This is the raw physical power of the Character.
Supernatural PS: The Character can carry 50 times their PS in lbs. and lift twice what the can carry.
The character can also jump twice as high and twice as far as normal adding 4’/level with acrobatics or gymnastics.

Physical Prowess (P.P.): Shows the degree of dexterity and agility of the character. A P.P. of 17 or higher is rewarded with bonuses to dodge, parry and strike.
Supernatural PP: The character knows by instinct every curve and angle on their body. They can tense only one muscle under a particular hair, and can cause themselves to have goose bumps in the middle of a summer afternoon. This understanding of space gives them twice as many actions per round to attack, and reduces the range of all ranged weapons to minimum. Note: at maximum range most ranged weapons just become ineffective.

Physical Endurance (P.E.): Demonstrates the character’s stamina and durability. The amount of physical punishment, and resistance to fatigue and disease, are determined by P.E. A character can carry
the maximum weight load for the P.E. times 4 minutes. Carrying the maximum weight while running or fighting can only be done for the P.E. times 2 minutes. If a character lifts the maximum weight, then it can only be held for as many melee rounds (15 seconds each) as the character has points of P.E. A character can run at maximum speed for one minute for each point of P.E. Characters with a P.E. of 17 or better receive bonuses to save vs. coma, death, toxins, and magic.
Supernatural P.E. provides 4 hours sleep per night indefinitely without any ill effects although 5-6 hours is better. Rules for Sleep Deprivation can be found in the Heroes Unlimited G.M.’s Guide.
Supernatural P.E. would allow a person to keep running almost indefinitely without tiring, resist magical disease, and heal twice as fast as normal, may regrow limbs, or be MDC

Physical Beauty (P.B.): Is an indication of the physical attractiveness of the character. A P.B. of 17 or better will be rewarded with a bonus to charm or impress.
Supernatural PB: The character always looks like they are on the cover of a magazine regardless of the circumstances. Victim (anyone who looks at the character) rolls 1D20 (+save vs insanity) vs Characters PB. If unsuccessful the victim because obsessed with the character. See Insanity rules on page 20 of main book. If the character does not allow themselves to be worshiped and served then the victim suffers the following effects. Attacks per melee are reduced to one, physical endurance is reduced by 70%, -4 to strike, parry and dodge; no initiative, and skills are reduced by 40%. The person is very weak, disoriented and uncomfortable. for 1D6 Months. (The above is penalties for being love sick.) The victim will not eat and will keep trying to prove their love for the character.

Speed (Spd): Specifically, this is the character’s maximum running speed. The Spd. times 20 is the number of yards or meters that the character can run in one minute.
Supernatural Spd: The character can run 40 times the SPD attribute in yards in one minute.

Supernatural Stats