Eternity Sword

Every shinny and Sharp

weapon (melee)

The sword is inscribed with the rune symbols of eternity, magic
forces, darkness, and the ward symbol of power. It is extremely evil
(diabolic) and will corrupt its user, encouraging him to do cruel, selfish
and evil acts. It will also convince him that he can trust nobody but the
The sword bestows the following upon its wielder:
+10 to save vs all types of magic.
+5 to save vs psionic attack.
Impervious to fire, cold, and poison.
-4 to save vs insanity.
The blade itself pulsates with power and possesses the following:
I.Q. 13, indestructible, does 6D6 damage, possesses all clerical abilities,
fire elemental magic, drinks souls and has all the basic greater rune
weapon features. See the Palladium RPG, Second Edition, page 250,
for details on the powers.


When anybody enters the circle with the sword a telepathic link is
established with everybody in the chamber. A voice of unknown origin
will say something like: “There it is, the most powerful rune sword ever
created. The Old Ones crafted this blade, not some second-rate dwarven
mage. It can make one of you powerful beyond your dreams. Pick it up,
feel it. Feel the power. Even just holding it you can feel the magic energy
coursing through your veins.”
The voice sounds excited just talking about the sword, as if it had
experienced its power personally. The voice will go on to entice the
characters to take the sword (G.M.‘s ad lib).
The moment a person picks up the sword he/she will sense the incredible
power of its magic; a very tempting and desirable power. It is
at this time that the voice will proclaim, "Yes, take it and rule, for it
possesses the power to tame a world! Unfortunately, I am compelled to
warn you that the blade is cursed. You are not the first to hold it. Many
before you have caressed its power, but all have died and the blade returned.
But perhaps you are strong, clever or lucky enough to beat the
curse. Perhaps you are destined to have this fabled rune sword. Perhaps,
but as surely as this sword exists, death will make its claim on you. Can
you defy death and win? It’s a gamble, but isn’t it worth the risk?"

Eternity Sword